"Sometimes I just wake up singing these songs! I think every student should know about Singin' & Signin'!" - Skler S., student

"The Singin' & Signin' lesson was exemplary! Every student was engaged throughout the lesson. It brought tears to my eyes to see children learning like this!" -Nancy Foster, Assistant Principal

"These songs are great. I'll use them in my Algebra I & II classesfor review. They'll remember theconcepts and have fun!" -Scott Ogden, High School Teacher

"I really like how we use the math notebooks. I have all the Singin' & Signin' songs stuck in my head!" - Hannah B., student

"Easily adapted to any classroom, these interactive lessons, visuals, and manipulative learning aides engage more of the students for a greater amount of time than any classroom in which I've observed. Singin' & SIgnin' captures the essence of state standards and cements those concepts." -Janna L. Armbruster, Retired Principal

"My son commented to me, "I don't know how it works, but it does. Those songs stick in my head and I remember everything." - Tina L., parent

Grand Prize Winner

Singin' & Signin' was awarded the 2009 Impact Award
for Classroom of the Future Foundation.

Four awards were presented:
The Impact Award is the Best-of-Show Award given to one
program that best embodies all three attributes:
inspire, innovate, and achieve.